Wednesday, September 26, 2012

marvelous is my new favorite word

Hannah Ryggen 

Hannah Ryggen

Mark Dion

Mark Dion designed a new beautiful  display cabinet and  added 4 more trees to the already expansive collection in the worlds biggest tree library

Seth Price

Seth Price's envelopes :)

Roman Ondak - observations.

something that i did not think i would like but that i actually liked very much. wonderfully generous and a journey of the eyes

this lady was annoyed i took her picture, but how could i not? 

gorgeous color

Susan Hiller

yeah Guns 'n' roses

hilarious and infuriating all at once

you know who....

Theaster Gates

really nice performance by a french lady at the huguenot house.

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Maria Loboda

machine heart

saving the best for last, not a habit of mine but here goes

Pierre Huyghe

my favorite

post apocalyptic surrealism

pure magic 

this one took my breath away, literally.

mysterious dog. there were so many dogs in this documenta.. 

these piles of rubble made perfect sense