Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Driving Driving Driving

There is nothing better than this

Biosphere 2

The Crystal Cave in Tucson, AZ


On the way to world famous Salton Sea 

The very dodgy Desert Shores Motel

Bombay Beach

Let that freak flag fly 

The lovely shores of the ecological disaster that is Salton Sea

Where the 'sand' is really tons of crushed fish skeletons..

Bombay Beach has indeed seen better days

But this is Salvation Mountain 

and it is

Amazing !!! 

we are very sad that we have to leave 

But we have a thanksgiving party to attend

In Los Angeles

topsy turvy

and very foggy 

back in the woods we found lots matsutaki mushrooms. great in risotto.

It's badass christmas 

Jon's only present this year, maybe he's been a bad boy

New years day 

Diavolo's in Geyserville - OMG pizzas...

another graceful white dog

Happy days in Capo's, S.F.

Oh yes

it's over

I feel like this whenever i leave

the desert 

favourite place and favourite person